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The Crystal Intuitive has been created for those of you who feel drawn to Crystals even if you don’t know why. Crystals radiate energy that we are naturally attracted to and have a positive effect on our wellbeing. During these courses, you will learn how to work with the Crystals to give healing for yourself and others as well as for communication and more. Develop your love for Crystals further and enjoy all that they bring.

The energy exchange is:


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Crystal Intuitive First Degree

Discover the wonders of the Crystals and how you can work with them to improve our well-being. During the Crystal Intuitive, you will develop your connection and communication with Crystals, allowing a relationship to grow and evolve, to enjoy a partnership with these gifts of Mother Earth. You will learn to work with the crystals for healing, create crystal grids and elixirs. You will gain knowledge of the Chakras to enhance your healing ability.

You will also start to create your crystal journal to help develop your bond with your Crystals.

The energy exchange for this two-day course is £145

Dates for the next course are ~ Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th November 2021 (This course is now full but I will be putting new dates in for this wonderful course before too long)

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Crystal Intuitive Second Degree

Continue your Crystal journey and take the next step and complete the Crystal Intuitive 2nd Degree.

Discover more ways to work with Crystals for healing including knowledge of some of the Transpersonal Chakra which can create deep and lasting healing. Learn how to use Crystals to send healing over time and space. Deepen your connection to the Crystals and the Crystalline energy of our planet.

Plus learn how to create Crystal rituals to empower yourself and others.

The energy exchange for this two-day course is £175

Dates for the next course are ~ (New dates to be confirmed)

Crystal Intuitive Master Practitioner

Take your Crystal Intuitive knowledge to a new level and discover the wonderful effects of the Crystals in healing Past Life issues. Often our wellbeing is affected by experiences we had earlier in our lives and even past lives, working with the Crystals you will learn how to heal those issues to bring healing into the now. You will also study how to work with the Crystals to give guidance to those seeking advice and reassurance.

The energy exchange for this two-day course is £250

Dates for the next course are ~

Crystal Intuitive Master Teacher

This special level of the Crystal Intuitive is for those who have enjoyed embracing the knowledge of the Crystals and wish to pass this understanding onto others to enjoy. You will be given support to help build your confidence in sharing the information with those who will be your students. You will receive guidance on how to create the perfect environment to teach as well as how to conduct your courses.

The energy exchange for this two-day course is £350

Dates for the next course are ~

Working with the Crystals is a wonder and a delight, even now I’m always in awe of how the Crystals can help us, to heal our minds, bodies and emotions as well as enhance our connections to the spiritual world. If you are feeling drawn to work with the Crystals and you would like to embark on the Crystal Intuitive, please do let me know and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sending you Love, Light & *Angel Blessings* Sue

The Crystal Intuitive Courses are accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

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Hello, my name is Sue Owen, welcome to Angels on Cloud Nine. Thank you for visiting my website I hope I can be of service to you, whether it is for some guidance through an Angel Reading, or a treatment such as Angelic Reiki or Crystal Therapy session. You maybe wishing to train in any or all of the above and I would be delighted to guide you on this path too.

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