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Crystal Therapy

Crystals have been used as healing tools for thousands of years and we benefit from them in so many ways. So perhaps now is the time for you to receive beautiful Crystal Therapy and allow these gifts from Mother Earth to cleanse and balance your energy and help restore and improve your wellbeing. Each session is deeply relaxing and is unique to you and what you need. Whatever health issues you may have the crystals can help relieve you of them and ease the disharmony within your body. You may just wish to have a relaxing therapeutic treatment that will release any stress or tension you may have. Whatever reason you are feeling guided to seek a healing session know the crystals magic will help.

The energy exchange is:

£47 (First Treatment) £42 (Thereafter)

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There is no need for you to have any knowledge of crystals or how they work just simply being open to the healing session and a desire to be well and happy is all that is necessary.

As you lie back and relax in my reclining chair you will start to feel the benefits of the crystals as I gently place them on your body. As you unwind during each session, I will complete a Crystal Prescription for you which will list the crystals I have used.

Each session lasts an hour, but you will feel benefits for days or even weeks afterwards.

If you are feeling guided to work with Crystals for healing and more, you might like to know about the Crystal Intuitive courses I run. If so, please do visit my Crystal Intuitive page and if you have any queries or would like to attend the courses please do contact me, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to Angels on Cloud Nine

Hello, my name is Sue Owen, welcome to Angels on Cloud Nine. Thank you for visiting my website I hope I can be of service to you, whether it is for some guidance through an Angel Reading, or a treatment such as Angelic Reiki or Crystal Therapy session. You maybe wishing to train in any or all of the above and I would be delighted to guide you on this path too.

– Sue Owen