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Radiance Regression Therapy

Radiance Regression Therapy combines Past Life RegressionTherapy with Crystal Healing to bring forward empowering Past Life(s) to empower you in your current life.

The energy exchange is:


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Once you are made comfortable Crystals are placed on your Chakras to enhance your wellbeing while you are receiving the Regression and to activate the Chakras to heighten the Regression therapy.

You will be gently taken through a deeply relaxing meditation to allow you to open the connection to your subconscious mind where you hold the memories of your Past Lives. During the relaxation process, you will be guided to access the Past Life(s) that were empowering, to enable you to feel empowered in this current life.

It is intended that at least one empowering lifetime will be accessed during the hour-long session.

After the session, further memories of the lifetime experienced may come forward too and continue the feelings of empowerment.

If you have any questions regarding Radiance Regression or would like to book your session, please kindly message me and I will respond as soon as I can.

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